My first snowy morning with O-Train

So the first morning with O-Train and snow and here is my experience. I commute from the west end of Ottawa. My commute of late involves hopping on any bus at Lincoln Fields transit station and heading towards Tunney’s Pasture. Tunney’s is Ottawa’s west most terminus for the O-Train. As usually both platforms were full and then some. People were lined up including the stair wells.

Growing up back east there was always one thing that was consistent. Train transportation. It was very unusual to not see a train on time. I recall snowy blistery days and the trains still made it through.

Ottawa has certainly not reached this level of service and I feel it will be some time before I can confidently rely on transit schedules to plan my trips. Until then I’m given myself plenty of lead time to get to my destination and of course having a backup plan. Say hello Uber!